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Welcome to Overstocks Trading

Overstocks Trading is a buyer & seller of overstock, shelf pull, surplus, Liquidator and wholesaler in the Southeast located in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in high end Liquidator and wholesale apparel and large variety of electronic product with exceptional quality, and the lowest prices. We offer wholesale of women's, children's, men's clothing, LCD's & DVD players, appliances, computer, camcorders and cameras, household item and lot more.

At Overstocks Trading we provide full manifests and pictures so you know exactly what you will be receiving in every lot you purchase. Don't be fooled by other wholesale companies or liquidators that don't provide this service. We have heard all the horror stories, no clothing, bad clothing, damaged clothing, false promises, misleading ads, not working products delayed shipping and so many more .....

Have you ever purchased lots of apparel and accessories from a wholesale company or liquidator and received 80% accessories? Or a mixed lot of overstock, shelf pull and returns clothing or electronic products, and only received a few overstock and shelf pull items - the rest defects, damages or irregulars? At Overstocks Trading we don't use these tactics to sell our products.

Featured products

  • Shoes mix A Gra

  • Trimmers

  • FH-General Merc

  • TRG Shoes

  • Designer Purses

  • TRG* General Me

  • Pioneers

  • Battery Charger

  • TGT* Mix Clothi

  • TGT* General Me

  • OST Blenders an

  • BBB Housewares

  • Small Toys

  • Baby Accessorie

  • Luggage Pallets

  • WM* General Mer

  • OST New Blender

  • Tablets

  • Sporting Goods

  • Sporting Goods

  • Sporting Goods

  • WM*General Merc

  • WM*General Merc

  • Christmas Trees

  • Car Audio Speak

  • Mix Electronics

  • Mix Electronics

  • Mix Electronics

  • TGR* Toys Small

  • Assorted Electr

  • TGR* Toys Avail

  • TVs Available N

  • TGR* Toys (CALL

  • Car Audio (CALL

  • Pressure Washer

  • Cameras and Cam

  • L*Oreal Lipstic

  • Blu-Rays, Games

  • All In One Prin

  • Athletic Appare

  • Portable Dishwa

  • Mix Electronics

  • Comforters and

  • MCS Housewares

  • Luggage Pallets

  • Heaters -

  • Domestics Load

  • WM MIx General

  • Heaters

  • FH-General Merc

  • .COM Truck Load

  • WM General Merc

  • Battery Charger

  • Home Theater

  • Furniture Palle

  • Freezers Pallet

  • Refrigerators (

  • Toys Pallet (CA

  • Commercial Prin

  • Microwave Palle